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18/7/05 - my first update of 2005 - I've been lazy with the website. Sorry for that and thanks for the e-mails requesting updates. Please continue to contact me...

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well what a chore the plot’s been this year. I thought all the digging was hard but oh no – it’s the constant watering just to keep the stuff alive. Now that really is hard work. We’ve had so little rain in the southeast that some of the plot holders are resigned to failed crops this year. I, however, have been down there every day watering and I spend about an hour each day doing that. If only it would rain…

Glorious success – must be down to the manure I put on the plot last autumn. I’m really impressed that I’ve grown these caulis from seed

I’ve decided to plant flowers amongst my crops this year to try and get a nice effect.

Nice sunflowers…

Quite densely planted crops with – spinach – red sprouts – pak choi – caulis and repeated with sweetcorn beyond the last line of spinach.


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